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Journeys like ours, which allow you to discover the beauty and tranquility of our region on your terms, are what you've been waiting for. If you're tired of crowded tourist hotspots and the same old vacation activities that everyone does every year, our Marmaris Jeep Safari is just what you need. Take a whole day off from city life and go on an exciting journey through Marmaris' beautiful mountains.
The Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour begins with a 9:30 a.m. pickup from your hotel in Marmaris. Our four-wheel-drive, completely open jeeps offer you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery around you while also providing safety belts for your protection since it is our top priority. Professional and experienced safari drivers control the 4WD vehicles. The Marmaris Jeep Safari journey takes dirt roads and paved village ways through challenging terrain. This excursion will provide you with beautiful narrow valleys, shallow riverbeds, and amazing mountain ranges to view. Your drivers will always adhere to the 50km/h speed limit at all times, so you can enjoy the breathtaking environment while remaining comfortable. If you have any queries or concerns, our English-speaking guides would be delighted to assist you. Marmaris Jeep Safari
You'll discover a completely different world if you explore the woods, waterfalls, and charming little towns in Marmaris's outskirts. You may travel to isolated regions within and around Marmaris, far from the city's noise. Emerald pine forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and picturesque tiny villages with their rustic charm will take your breath away. The Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour also includes a stop at Jesus Beach in Orhaniye village, notable for its stunning turquoise sea and magnificent views. You may walk on water because of a natural formation and an accessible route on the sea. You can swim in Jesus Beach's beautiful turquoise seas as well as dine on delectable traditional Turkish cuisine at a local restaurant during this tour. Our Jeep Safari tour will end around 16:00; we will go back to your hotel Take this beautiful cross-country journey to put things into perspective and do something exciting. Make a reservation for this lovely excursion, which will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.
-This excursion is not recommended for people prone to vehicle sickness, are afraid of heights, or travel on curvy roads. -Bring a hat, sunglasses, and any other equipment you'll need. Wear comfortable shoes, such as trekking boots or sandals, and bring anything else you'll require. Carry a jacket in the spring and fall. -We suggest placing your equipment in a plastic bag because the day will involve plenty of water and mud. -Lunch is available on request, and vegetarian options are available. Please notify us when you make a reservation so that we may fulfill your needs. -Sunglasses, Towel, Swimsuit, Sun Cream, Hat, Comfortable Clothes.

  • Tour Program
  • We'll depart from your hotel in one of our roomy Jeeps for a pleasant trip down the mountain to our meeting location near the peak overlooking the town. We'll regroup there before beginning our journey.

  • Water Cannons
  • After a 15-minute drive, we'll arrive at a little field in the mountains' outskirts, where you may rent water guns.

  • Comfort Break
  • After a long journey through the lovely territory, we'll reach a remote and peaceful place where we can unwind. There are showers, a restaurant, and restrooms in this area, allowing us to clean ourselves and relax for a while.

  • Visiting the Waterfall
  • We'll stop for a photo-op at the base of a lovely rural hamlet, and we'll get to see the waterfall on the outskirts of town. You may take some spectacular photographs, and if you wish to swim, you can do so. We should warn you that this water is quite chilly even in midsummer if you decide to swim here.

  • Lunch Break
  • After long drives and pleasure, we'll take a lunch break.

  • Visiting Jesus Beach
  • We'll go to Jesus Beach on our trip. This beach is known for a strange natural phenomenon that splits the sea into two halves. A lengthy sand barrier separates the gulf into two parts, permitting a direct route through the deep blue water. Enjoy it all on this lovely beach for an hour.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • After the tour, we'll transport you back to your hotel in Marmaris around 4:00 p.m. There are no restrictions to participating in this trip, making it ideal for families.

  • Caretta Turtles (Loggerhead Turtles)
  • The biggest threat to the survival of Loggerhead Turtles begins at the point where their lives begin on the shore. The turtles emerge from the water to lay eggs in the sand, and they crawl back to the ocean to begin their new lives. But, the life of turtles isn't always easy, and the majority of eggs cannot survive until they hatch. Although it is an extremely popular tourist destination, conservation and tourism are linked. Certain of the most delicate locations are not accessible to humans. Access, but visitors are permitted to go swimming in the sea or stroll along the beach in other parts of the beach. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see a Loggerhead Turtle swim or pass close by.

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