Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip




The Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip is the finest way to discover something new and fascinating while visiting an almost otherworldly location. The island of Cleopatra is only 20 minutes from Marmaris. Please add this excursion to your itinerary during your holiday.

We'll travel to Çamli, about 17 kilometers from Marmaris and features lovely natural scenery. After a brief and easy journey, you'll arrive at Gokova harbor, where you'll board your boat for a cruise along the Gokova Gulf. Our gorgeous double-decker vessel will be there to begin your cruise through the Gökova Gulf.
For this excursion, you'll swim for around an hour at each stop. There will be two swimming stops during this journey, and lunch will include a fantastic barbeque. You'll have some free time to explore Cleopatra Beach after your delectable lunch. On the way back to Marmaris, you'll have yet another opportunity to snorkel and dive at Lighthouse Island (which is near Ince Beach). In lovely Ince Kum bay and lovely Laciver Koy, you'll have yet another chance to snorkel and dive while staying in beautiful Ince Beach (located near Marmaris)
You may explore ancient history on Cleopatra Island, a one-of-a-kind destination where you can participate. Fresh air, magnificent golden vistas, and intriguing historical sites will create a wonderful holiday.
The golden beach of Cleopatra, also known as Seder Island, is famous for its gorgeous sand and the historical city of Cedrae's significant ancient ruins. The lovely hidden beach in a tiny bay on the island's north side and the magnificent ancient theatre ruins are popular and frequently visited sites.
The Romans placed the Pale-pink Sands in Alexandria, Egypt, and brought them there to complete queen Cleopatra's wish. The swimmers have been her companions in ancient times, and they brought the Pale-pink Sands from North Africa to satisfy queen Cleopatra's desire. It is believed that merchant ships from North Africa carrying pale-pink sands were sent by Mark Anthony to Alexandria so that his lover Cleopatra might be pleased. An Agora was established on the island's extreme eastern edge, where athletic events are mentioned in
The gorgeous beaches of this island are the result of a long-term seashell deterioration that yields a beautiful sand color. The beach is federally protected because it is so unique, and beachgoers are not permitted to bring any sand or spread towels due to the sand's tendency to adhere to them.
-Vegetarian dishes are available for lunch. You should notify us.
-Toilets are inside, showers outside, and a bar are available onboard.
-Towels, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses are standard equipment.

  • Tour Program
  • The first destination in the Marmaris Cleopatra Island boat tour is Camli, the village of a few inhabitants located 17 kilometers to the north of Marmaris. We'll take you in our comfortable minibus and see the stunning countryside, with large farms and emerald pine forest. Once you've arrived at Camli the next day, you'll get on one of our vessels and sail towards the Gokova Gulf

  • Fine Sand Bay
  • Ince Kum National Park, located in Adana Province's s Kavaklidag Peninsula, is known for its beautiful golden sand and cobalt blue seas unrivaled. In Turkish, Ince Kum means "fine sands." We'll take a 40-minute long swimming break so you can snorkel, swim, or relax on the beach.

  • Deep Blue Bay
  • The Deep Blue Bay is another well-known bay in the Gökova Gulf. Because these waters become deeper, they appear blue, hence Deep Blue Bay. This bay is also a popular stopping location for boats because of its depth.

  • Lunch Break & Cleopatra Island
  • We have just over eight hours to get to the island of Cleopatra on time. We'll have a lovely Turkish lunch before you spend some time on the island alone. Apart from ancient ruins, the island has beautiful cafeterias and restrooms, so you'll be able to refresh as well. You may swim, unwind in the sun, or take a stroll around the island or one of Queen Cleopatra's favorite beaches.

  • Lighthouse Island
  • The Lighthouse Island is uninhabited in the Gökova Gulf. It is part of Turkey's National Park, administered by the Turkish government. We'll spend 40 minutes here and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing on a beautiful beach.

  • Back to Marmaris
  • After 7 hours aboard our lovely boat, we will return you to your hotel in Marmaris with our shuttle buses.

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