Marmaris Boat Trip




The Marmaris Boat Trip is the perfect activity for a restful and enjoyable day trip. Enjoy a beautiful picturesque cruise along your cruise along the Mediterranean Sea and look at the beautiful scenery all around you during this stunning cruise.

The Marmaris All-Inclusive Boat Excursion begins with a free shuttle service from the hotel and a short journey to get there. We'll take you aboard our two-deck boat to sail through the stunning day to come when you arrive. On your Marmaris Boat Trip, you could swim, snorkel and enjoy a relaxing sunbathing in some beautiful remote bays. To take in the beautiful islands and bays surrounding Marmaris Island, we'll make numerous stops on the route.
The first stage is the aquarium area in which you can bathe in the stunning blue seas. After that, we spend our time at The Fish Farm, where fish can fly around the air to grab the crumbs thrown out by tourists. Amos, as well as Kumlubuk, is among Marmaris most sought-after bays with Turks.
We'll enjoy a delicious lunch aboard our beautiful vessel as well. A tasty BBQ will be served in addition. Fresh greens, chicken grilled, and pasta or rice are lunch options. Onboard, there is a fully-stocked bar with local beverages and snacks you can take in without extra costs, along with a range of choices.
After spending the day in Marmaris, you'll board the boat for your journey towards Turunc. The next destination is Tununc, an additional tiny holiday destination close to Marmaris. You can either lay at the beach or take an easy stroll through this gorgeous Turkish city.
Following that, we'll travel for a swim in our Green Sea for another 30 minutes to take a dip before returning to the port. After the luxury cruise is over and we head back to port, our professional driver will be waiting to meet you and transport the passengers back to their hotel Marmaris.
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-On this cruise, you'll choose between two packages. "Alcoholic All-Inclusive" or "Non-Alcoholic All-Inclusive" is used to divide the boat. If you do not want to be separated from your group, book the same package with your company.
-Sun Cream, Swimsuits, Towel, Hat, Camera, and Sunglasses
-If you'd like to select Vegetarian alternatives, please inform us before making your booking.
-It is possible to bring your snorkeling equipment.

  • Tour Program
  • Its Marmaris Boat Tour starts with the hotel's free pickup service and an easy van ride into the harbor. When we reach the port at 10:00 a.m, we'll set sail off. A fish farm is located on the island, and Heaven Island will be our first stop to enjoy some relaxing time. There will be the opportunity to feed exotic fish species, take amazing photographs, and give an informative presentation.

  • Aquarium Bay
  • The approximately hour-long journey will take place in a peaceful boat with amazing forest views and pristine seas. We'll stop at Aquarium Bay for a 30-minute rest, known for its translucent blue seas and golden beaches. You may swim, snorkel, or relax on the beach.

  • The Phosphorous Cave
  • Another well-known cave is the Phosphorous Cave, also referred to by The Wishing Cave. It is believed that when you drop an object in the water and make wishes in this beautiful cave, your wishes will be granted.

  • Kumbuluk Amos and Amos
  • We'll spend an hour taking in the beauty of Kumbuluk and Amos. This beach is a Blue Flag beach, meaning that it has met the most stringent requirements for cleanliness. We'll enjoy a delicious meal while we are waiting.

  • Turunc Village
  • The next destination will be Turunc Village, a lovely town with breathtaking panoramas and a beautiful beach that can take 1.5 hours to discover. The beachfront in Turunc, with cafeterias and a restaurant, allows guests to sit and take in the views or embark on an adventure exploring the charming town. Turunc is also regarded as a Blue Flag resort.

  • Green Sea
  • The Green Sea is also known for its serene atmosphere and serene hues. Our last stop will be on the Green Sea, known for its tranquil green hues and a relaxing ambiance.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • We anticipate returning to the marina by 4.30 a.m. Your driver will wait to take the guests back to their hotel Marmaris.

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