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Enjoy your stay in Marmaris to explore this Greek island as part of your Rhodes Island tour. In only fifty minutes, our speedy catamaran will drop you off at Rhodes harbor. It's among the few islands that preserve its old-fashioned look while remaining contemporary and trendy at the same time. A day trip for a day trip to Rhodes From Marmaris is an excellent option to enjoy your time on a memorable holiday.
Our Marmaris Rhodes excursion begins at 7:30, with a transfer to your accommodation in Marmaris. We'll get passengers to Rhodes in just fifty minutes on our speedy catamarans that depart from Marmaris. When we arrive, you'll have the opportunity to discover the rich history of the culture of Rhodes's stunning and deep artistic collage.
The trip can take you to one of the most stunning beaches found in Greece. You'll also be transported to golden sand and lush inlets, offering stunning views of the sea. Rhodes is an amazing carpet made up of a variety of exciting activities you can take pleasure in.
Rhodes Old Town is an area you should explore. This stunning location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will provide you with a birds-eye glimpse at the primordial civilizations as well as their rulers. Explore the fascinating world of medieval times while observing the splendor of this magnificent site. Palace of Grand Masters, Street of Knights, enormous mosques, and beautiful baths. Explore the stunning St. Paul Church, huge Aphrodite Temple Museums, and the stunning Freedom Gate, as well as other interesting locations.
Rhodes its vast history can make you feel a chill as you experience the strength and wisdom of ancient and formidable civilizations traverse this stunning island. It is possible to visit these well-preserved medieval towns and experience Mandraki's vibrant nightlife. Beautiful hamlets, great restaurants, and distant beachfront are accessible to you, and you must visit these areas. On this idyllic island, you'll get an entire day to explore through its streets.
Rhodes island is home to various souvenir shops Rhodes; however, we caution you regarding prices since they are twice as expensive as Turkey. It is possible to make a reservation for a Marmaris Rhodes trip on the internet and be part of this exciting adventure. Please bring your passport and leave the rest with us. A hat, sunscreen
The catamaran cannot operate in the event of extreme weather conditions.
Bring your passports along with you
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  • Our drivers will be waiting to pick you up from your hotel or send you an email that outlines the most convenient location to take the bus that will take you to Marmaris Rhodes harbor if you go to Marmaris Rhodes during an excursion to Marmaris. We begin early and maximize the enjoyment of each day. When you arrive at your port area, you'll receive tickets to board.

    Boarding Card: You'll be going through customs and passport control after you've inserted your boarding card into the machine. Since boarding cards don't contain seat numbers, you're at liberty to select any seat.

    Following that, we land in Rhodes and go through customs. It will take you 5 or six hours to discover Rhodes independently in the following. You'll have the opportunity to explore many historic and urban sights during your time exploring. If you're hungry or tired, eat at one of the many island restaurants that offer local cuisine.

  • Marmaris Rhodes Tour
  • Shopping for Duty-Free on this wonderful trip, you'll have the opportunity to shop duty-free on both Turkish as well as Greek islands. However, be aware of certain restrictions as prices are more expensive in Greece than in Turkey, be more vigilant than normal.
    We'll be returning to Marmaris following the tour, in which we'll make transportation arrangements back to your hotel at no cost. The transportation is part of the tour price; therefore, there's no additional cost.

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