Marmaris Horse Safari




We have the perfect deal for you if your goal is to enjoy some time far from the bustle of cities noise and seek new experiences and activities. The Marmaris Horse Riding Trip provides all the excitement and peace you'd like for your vacation.
The Marmaris horse-riding excursion begins with a complimentary hotel pickup in Marmaris and an hour-long drive to the area. This is a fantastic chance to get acquainted with Marmaris's stunning natural surroundings.
All you require is a desire to know more about horses and an open mind. There is no requirement to have previous experience with horses to join. All our horses are well-trained, friendly with humans, and nicely mannered. We place safety as our main priority, and that's why we select only the most skilled and competent horses on our team. They'll give you all the guidance, assistance, and information you need when traveling with us. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you travel with us. Bring some comfortable clothing and shoes, or hire an outfit at the ranch if you want to participate in our horseback journey.
Families and friends are invited to visit the ranch, but they don't have to take on horses. You can sit back and relax with a coffee or a cuppa while admiring the stunning landscape.
After the tour, the driver will drive you towards your accommodation in Marmaris.
Children aged 8 and 11 can ride horses without parents' consent, provided trainers authorize them. The ability to ride on their own is available for children older than eight years old with all the required permits and experience, provided that an adult who is responsible rides with them.
In Marmaris, The stunning natural beauty of Marmaris stunning riverbeds, surrounded by beautiful countryside, and rural areas close by are popular places to create stunning panoramas.
Book your trip with us and experience the most memorable stay in Marmaris.
-The horseback ride is not recommended for those who weigh over 110 kilograms or have limitations in mobility or health problems. Women who are pregnant should stay clear of this type of activity.
-Visitors can also pay as tourists to witness the horseback riding experience for an additional charge.
-Take a pair of comfy footwear, seasonal clothing, and sunglasses.
-Children under eight years of age have to be accompanied by one parent when they wish to ride horses.
-Comfortable Shoes, Sunglasses, Camera, Sun Protection.

  • Tour Program
  • This beautiful and adventurous excursion with a complimentary transfer from your hotel located in Marmaris and to the horse farm on the green edge of the town. The stunning ranch is 20 minutes away from Marmaris via automobile. Our experts in horseback riding and guides will give you an easy guideline for your Marmaris Horse Riding Trip once you've arrived.

  • Marmaris Horse Riding Tour
  • Meet Your New Friends: Horses are well-trained and respectful, familiar with human interactions. They're proud, lovable animals that are gentle and friendly. They'll help you get to know these amazing animals and also the one that's right for you.
    Horse Riding Starts: After you've collected the necessary equipment you'll need and instructed on how to utilize your equipment properly, the fun will begin. The beautiful region will traverse through meadows, forests, and rivers. Instructors will be carefully watched and closely monitored, so you won't need to worry about your security.

  • Photos and Pictures
  • You've never experienced something like this before, and you'll want to capture it on film in the future. We engaged a professional photographer to capture video and photos throughout the trip because the trip will be enjoy the trip. You'll have the option of purchasing your most loved photos and videos when the trip is over.
    Transfer back to the hotel when the Marmaris Horse Riding Experience is complete. Your driver will then return guests to the hotel you stayed at in Marmaris. The transfer to the hotel is cost-free.

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