Marmaris Rafting Tour




The Marmaris Rafting Tour is for you if you want to add a little adventure to your holiday. The difficult and powerful Dalaman River rapids, as well as the beautiful mountain and pine forests of Marmaris, are just the ideal setting for this lovely excursion.
The great excursion begins with a free transfer from your holiday villa in Marmaris, a pleasant journey to the start point. On this peaceful journey along Turkey's waterway, you'll be discovering the lovely Dalaman River. Our experienced guides will greet you at the site, where they will provide you with all relevant information and instructions for an unforgettable experience.
It would be best if you double-checked that you've packed everything you'll need, such as swimming costumes, towels, and of course dry clothes. Bring some sandals to wear in the water and a regular old T-shirt to wear beneath your life jacket. Cameras should not be taken on typical excursions; if you wish to bring one with you, it's best if it's a waterproof model because the river waves about while you're floating down it.
Marmaris Rafting Adventure gives you a new incentive to sign up for the trip by combining some teamwork for water breaks and cliff diving. You'll have to get acquainted with your boatmates during the river excursion since cooperation is required for a successful trip. The water will carry you back to base camp after the river excursion, where you'll be fed a delectable dinner.
We'll provide you with all the information and instructions you'll need. Here's a summary of some things to bear in mind that you might want to remember; wear a T-shirt beneath your life jacket, bring a swimsuit or wear it, sunglasses to protect your eyes, waterproof shoes if going in the water, dry clothing if going out on land, and avoid flip-flops because they may become slippery. This excursion is not suitable for persons under 16 or who have physical limitations. Everyone else is welcome to join in the fun.
Don't Forget -Towels, Comfortable Shoes, or Sneakers. A T-shirt to wear under your life jacket, Sun Creams, Sun Glasses, Swimming Costumes, and Spare clothing for the end of the trip. -You must be able to fit into the safety equipment to compete. -Unfortunately, it is not available to those with mobility impairments. -Visitors must be at least seventeen years old.

  • Tour Program
  • The magnificent Marmaris Rafting Tour begins with a 7:30 a.m. trip to our base camp near the Dalaman River on your own in Marmaris, followed by a 90-minute journey to our main camp. After breakfast, we'll serve an excellent open dinner of bread, butter, jam, fruit, and coffee or tea; we'll get started right away on the adventure.

  • Instructions
  • You'll get a crash course in the fundamentals of river rafting, as well as videos from previous trips from our experienced and professional guides. This may appear to be a waste of time, but it is the most important element of our trip since it will allow you to be safer and more at ease.

  • Drive to the Mountains
  • After the briefing, you'll be taken to the peaks in one of our minibusses. After the briefing, the ride up will follow with the rafts attached to our minibusses. This trip takes around an hour, so you'll have plenty of time to take in Dalaman's gorgeous views.

  • Getting Familiar with Your Team
  • A typical group size for our river trips is 8 to 10 people per boat. Because you'll need to operate as a small team to raft safely, getting acquainted with your fellow rafters is critical.

  • Rafting Starts
  • The journey takes around three hours. We will make several halts during the trip, when you may relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

  • Late Lunch
  • After your tour along the Dalaman River is complete, you may change into dry clothing and enjoy a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Around 4 p.m., this beautiful open buffet meal will be served.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • The excursion to Marmaris and the beach will occur as planned. Our driver will meet you at your accommodation in Marmaris on your return. Free shuttle services between your hotel and the beach are included in the tour price and form part of the itinerary.

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