Marmaris Turkish Night




Marmaris The Turkish Night event is a must for anyone who loves going out. Traditional Turkish cuisine and authentic Turkish food, and delicious local wines are all available to people who wish to discover more about Turkish culture in a fun and exciting way.
You've probably heard and seen many belly dance routines but never as good as those featured here. Belly dancing is one of the most well-known dance styles that originated in Turkey. This sensual oriental dance will be among the most memorable moments on your journey due to the talents of some of the best dancers who dance the dance with grace and flair.
They are dazzling in their costumes. The glamour of their jewelry and the captivating sound of coins spinning on their hips are the trademarks of these incredible performers. The Marmaris Turkish Night will be colorful and energetic, featuring stunning costumes from the best artists. Also, you'll have the chance to be a part of the show if you are up to a challenge and wish to show off your acting skills.
The meal plan comes with various delicious meals and drinks. You'll have the chance to indulge in unlimited portions of wine made by hand and a great local beer along with various soft drinks. In a traditional Turkish environment with your pals and family, you'll get the chance to taste traditional Turkish desserts such as Baklava.
Be sure you bring your camera since you'll get great photos during the performances. The tour is a delight and includes a Turkish Night Show, unlimited alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks, and dinner dishes (chicken meat rice, instead of bread, salads made from seasonal vegetables, meze, cold starters, or meze). The cost includes insurance and transportation from the hotel pick-up and return. It is not a dress code for this exclusive excursion.
Let us provide you with a fresh method of experiencing Turkey by contacting us. Let us expose you to the best of Turkey's customs and culture. After you have completed your Marmaris Turkish Night Tour, you'll be in love with the beautiful country and its friendly people.
-Dress to impress bring your cameras. You'll have a blast!
-Please note that soft drinks wines and local beer include but beverages, photos are not included in the rate.

  • Details
  • A Marmaris Turkish Night Tour starts with free transportation of your hotel, Kervansaray, popularly called the heart of Turkish nightlife.
    The dance performance begins! The most impressive aspect of an event like the Turkish Night is dancing. There is a myriad of Turkish folk dances in this amazing show. Belly dance is among the most popular forms of dance. The best Turkish dancers will show dancing in this unique Turkish atmosphere.
    It is possible to see a replica of the traditional Turkish wedding ceremony, some of the most beautiful costumes, and listen to the iconic music performed by Anatolian people musicians.
    During the presentation, guests can sample any of our delicious mezes or cold snacks to eat for the evening meal (approximately 9.30 p.m.) and in addition to rice and chicken for your main meal (about 10:30 p.m.). In addition to this delicious and delicious gourmet meal, it is possible to taste unlimited quantities of distinctive wines and local beer and soft drinks; everything is included with the tour price.

  • A Traditional Turkish Wedding
  • The traditional Turkish wedding is fascinating because of belly dancing and other traditional entertainment. It allows guests from many countries to get the two cultures. The groom's shaving and the bride's henna party are among the most memorable events during the show.

  • Belly Dancing
  • Marmaris Kervansaray has plenty to offer visitors; however, the primary draw is belly dancing. When you're courageous enough to try it, beautiful and talented dancers will tempt you to participate in this unique and beautiful dance. One of the most memorable moments is a male belly dancer. Be careful!
    Returning to the Hotel Once Marmaris Turkish Night has finished, the driver will drive them back to the hotel and refund any fees. The trip is free.

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