Fethiye Paragliding Tour




Are you looking for a way to make your visit to Marmaris special? It is possible to take part in one of the thrilling activities found in the area while taking in the beauty of Turkey in Our Marmaris Paragliding Trip. This unique experience allows passengers to experience what it's like to fly while viewing Oludeniz's beautiful town in the air.
The Marmaris Paragliding Tour is open throughout the summer. An easy journey from the hotel you stay in Marmaris will bring passengers to Fethiye. An informative training session starts once you are at the paragliding air station. Highly experienced and properly trained paragliding instructors will review all the details needed to get started in this activity. Instructors will discuss safety tips and distribute any safety equipment required for the sport.
The paragliding adventure starts as soon as you take off in search of the edge of the cliff. You don't know what to expect, but soon you'll be paragliding through the air. At first, paragliding could bring excitement and a unique mix of emotions. Oludeniz is among the most stunning bays in Turkey and is definitely worth a trip. It's a trip you should not overlook. You might be able to spot an amazing sea and boats as well as lush vegetation on the way.
Paragliding starts on the hill above the bay, at an altitude of 2000m over sea level. The experience will be unforgettable because of the breathtaking views and flying peace. The flight is anticipated to last for 30 minutes, but it can differ based on the conditions... When you enter the aircraft, you'll be able to select the landing mode. The landing mode will remain in place until you safely land at Oludeniz. One of the advantages of this adventure is that a skilled instructor will be on the ground throughout the flight and will take photos and videos of you. Once you have landed at the Paragliding facility, you can review the pictures from the flight for a small fee. You can also purchase the photos on the market to preserve your memories for the rest of the time... Following your journey, return to your Marmaris accommodation in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. This thrilling and unforgettable trip will end at the time you head home with wonderful memories and a flurry of adrenaline.
Don't Forget
Be aware that the Marmaris paragliding flight may be canceled due to bad weather. In such a case, the flight will be canceled, and you'll be given the full amount back, or we can reschedule the flight for the next scheduled date.
It is better to wear sturdy, comfortable, and comfortable clothes. Shoes (or boots), sunglasses, and a water bottle are essential.
Your guests will be thrilled to take a peek at your paraglider at a small extra cost from the highest point.
The weather affects the length of the flight

  • Tour Program
  • Paragliding from Marmaris is among the most exciting activities you can participate in during your trip. Fethiye Paragliding at Marmaris is an ideal option if you're looking for an alternative to stay clear of the masses. From the vantage point, you can admire the nature in the Blue Lagoon and fill yourself with wonderful feelings. Then start your adrenaline pumping to continue on your holiday.

  • Free transfer
  • The Blue Sky Paragliding Tour of Marmaris is open all summer long. The tour will pick you up at your accommodation in Marmaris at the right time with an elegant, spacious and comfy van. Our drivers will drive you to Fethiye, which is home to one of the largest paragliding flights, in our car.

  • Instructions
  • Before taking off, it's essential to go through an introduction to the flight. The instructor will go over what to expect during the flight and discuss safety procedures and the equipment. Then, he'll place the equipment you've been using on and make you ready for the takeoff.

  • Views of Blue Lagoon
  • Paragliding begins when you get to the top of the mountain. After a short distance before you'll fly at first and feel a rush of adrenaline. This paragliding experience will take you to Blue Lagoon in Fethiye. The area is one of the most well-known areas because of its beautiful natural landscape and clean air. There are one of the most breathtaking views on your trip. These views will soothe you as well as increase your enthusiasm and confidence. Paragliding is among the most thrilling and fun things to do in the area.

  • Time of departure
  • A Marmaris Fethiye paragliding flight is an exciting method to view the splendor in Oludeniz Fethiye. It takes about 30 minutes on the ground, allowing passengers to take in the beautiful Oludeniz region. Conditions in the weather and the direction of wind affect the plane's duration.

  • Photos and Videos
  • The instructor will capture videos and photos of you during your flight. Check out these fantastic photos or purchase them for a small fee when you return to the paragliding facility following your experience.

  • Return after your flight
  • You'll head back to the base of paragliding. You'll be taken in a comfortable and air-conditioned car which will transport returning you to the hotel. Once you are at the hotel you have booked in Marmaris, and the fun ends with stunning memories floating around.

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