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If you decide to spend your dream vacation in Marmaris and want it to be memorable, then the Marmaris Dolphin Swim Dolphins tour is exactly what you're looking for. This amazing tour will make your trip more memorable than ever because you'll get to spend time with these wonderful and affectionate creatures.
The Marmaris Swim With Dolphins Tour starts with a complimentary pickup from your hotel than a quick and relaxing journey towards Marmaris Dolphin Park. The adventure begins when we arrive at the magnificent Marmaris Dolphinarium. The Dolphinarium is about 5 kilometers away from the city's center and is located along the seafront close to several famous Marmaris hotels.
If you choose to visit to swim with these majestic marine creatures, you must follow a few rules. To ensure swimmers' safety and other visitors, everyone who wants to swim with dolphins should wear life jackets. Children and pregnant women less than age eight cannot swim when they are doping. People who have been drinking are not permitted to participate in the event.
Our driver will meet you close on your Marmaris Swim With Dolphins Tour to transport the group back to their hotel. The dolphins' time is approximately 45 minutes per session.

The dolphin family is called Delphinidae, which comprises orcas (Orcinus orca) and pilot whales. Dolphins are part of the same genus orcas, as are pilot whales, making them extremely intelligent animals. They are not like their counterparts. Dolphins are extremely friendly and caring creatures. They're known for their positive attitude and good mood, making them the most sought-after species in sea creatures. They're known for their spy-hops off the sea by leaping out of the water in unexpected ways.

Their intelligence is among their distinctive characteristics. Dolphins are also intelligent and follow boats to keep their energy up. Bow-riding refers to swimming alongside boats and massive boats that dolphins have become renowned for.

Dolphins are among their most notable characteristics and possess high intelligence. Dolphins are also extremely intelligent and follow boats to conserve their energy. Bow-riding is an innovative method of swimming along vessels and boats that dolphins are renowned for. It is possible to hug the dolphins at our amazing. Don't Forget
The skin of dolphins is very sensitive; therefore, be sure to avoid sunscreen or perfumes, oils, or other scents when you are around them.
Women who are pregnant, children younger than 8 years old, or people intoxicated cannot swim with dolphins.
In the course of your dolphin encounter, We recommend ladies wear one-piece swimming suits.
Towels, Swimwear, Hat, Sun Glasses, Camera

  • Tour Program
  • This Marmaris Swim With Dolphins tour starts with a no-cost pickup from your hotel, then a relaxing cruise to Marmaris Dolphin Park. It is accessible to visitors all day long and generally offers four dolphin encounters from 10 am between 5 pm and 10 am. You can choose the time, and we'll make arrangements for the transfer if required.

  • Instructions
  • When we arrive there, you'll get greeted by a certified dolphin guide who'll guide you through the regulations and rules of the park, as well as the most important information before taking a dip with the dolphins. The last part, perhaps, may seem boring, but it is essential to ensure your safety as the dolphins' safety and welfare.

  • Preparations
  • It is necessary to go to the changing room and change your clothes before when you are allowed to take a dip with these majestic creatures. Please don't apply sunscreen, sun lotion, or any other skincare products as they could harm the dolphins. We'll also provide you with an underwater life jacket that you can wear while engaging with dolphins.

  • The experience of swimming with Dolphins
  • The trip is expected to last around 30 minutes. It can be accomplished in many ways. You'll need to hug the dolphins, dance with them, and then swim throughout this duration. Instructors will stay on hand to protect you when you play with dolphins and maintain a calm atmosphere between you and the dolphins. A belly ride with dolphins is among the most sought-after things to do.

  • Videos and photos
  • Our professional photographer will be taking pictures and videos while you play your play-tome. They will be available for viewing later and, if you enjoy the images, you can buy the images as a keepsake.

  • Returning to the hotel
  • After this wonderful excursion is completed, our driver will transport passengers back to your accommodation. The return trip is complimentary, so there's no reason to worry about additional costs.

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