Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari




If you're tired of the same itinerary for your summer vacation, Our Marmaris Quad Safari excursion is the perfect trip for you. The lush forests and sun-kissed dunes of Marmaris are waiting to be explored by you to come along. Experience the thrill of a lifetime riding a quad bike while you ride through uneven terrain. You'll be able to speed through Marmaris' slippery mud and dusty roads while enjoying the time of your life.
Quad Safari is a very popular activity in Marmaris. The trip will take you through the surrounding mountains of Marmaris. We know that certain of you are adrenaline junkies while others would rather enjoy the journey in their way. It doesn't matter if you'd rather go slow or get all out on the road; it's your choice.
We'll take you to your accommodation at Marmaris to take you on an exciting journey that starts with a pick-up. Our chauffeurs will take you on the most peaceful and serene 20 minutes drive through the lush pine forest. We offer a quad safari center.
It's not that difficult for a person to operate a quad, and it's enjoyable for all. Previous experience with quads is beneficial but not essential. Children are also welcome to join this unique journey, but parental consent and the instructor's consent are required. The Quad Safari excursion takes about three hours, including the time you have to pick you up from the airport and return to the hotel.
It is possible to explore the stunning landscape, stunning mountains, and hidden riverbeds by taking guided quad biking tours that depart from one or both cities. Professionals drive ahead and then last like they always do to ensure that everyone is safe.
Call us anytime you're craving something and want to discover new locations on your journey. We offer the best trips to meet the requirements of any person who is an adventurer.
Don't Forget
Ensure to bring additional clothes for the event as you might be exposed to a lot of dirt during the excursion. You can use the bathroom facilities to wash your clothes when the tour is over.
It's unnecessary to hold a driver's license or previous experience to operate the vehicle. It is not legal for those under 14 to drive a car as there's no need to have special abilities or knowledge.
You can also arrange this excursion as an event that you invite your guests to be a part of. You can invite them to watch and enjoy for a small cost.
Towel, Suncream, Extra Clothes, Cameras, Comfortable Shoes, Sunglasses.

  • Tour Program
  • This Marmaris Quad Safari Tour is an adventure trip for half-days, perfect for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. The adventure begins by taking a free shuttle from your hotel. It runs for 15 km up to at the North End of Marmaris.

  • Instructions
  • Once we are there, the experienced Quad instructors will welcome you and provide the basics of these amazing vehicles along with certain safety tips. This may not be much fun; however, it's extremely crucial as your safety is our main concern. Demo rides will be conducted in conjunction with the briefing to help you become comfortable and familiar with your Quad.

  • Quad Safari Adventure
  • Quad Safari is an exciting adventure through the hilly and muddy backcountry close to Marmaris. You'll be more excited than ever before as you race through riverbeds and jump over logs. You might think that this is risky; however, there's no reason to be concerned. Our knowledgeable and skilled drivers will accompany you all the way, making sure your safety is assured and pleasure. We would also like to mention that all our vehicles are kept in good condition and fully equipped daily.

  • Clean-up
  • After our thrilling tour is finished and you're free to go to the bathroom near the location of the tour's conclusion and change into your new clothes. This convenience is usually an enjoyable sight for our guests as this tour can be messy and dusty.

  • Back to your hotel
  • Offer transfers to all our guests, and after your tour, the vehicle will take you back to the hotel using a safe, clean, and maintained car. Hotel pick-ups are complementary as they're included in the cost.

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