Scuba Diving in Marmaris




The Marmaris Diving Tour is a fantastic experience for everyone who loves water and sea activities and would like to try something exciting and new. Divers of all levels are allowed to join the tour.

This Marmaris Diving Tour begins with the cost of convenient and easy transport from your accommodation. Our driver will wait in the boat. Begin the journey towards Marmaris harbor. Our guides and staff will be waiting to give you all the information you require regarding your tour's remainder.

We aim to ensure your security, which is why every trip begins with a short but crucial meeting. You'll learn about the equipment you're using and acquire the most important details about its use at this stage. Our expert driving instructors will instruct you in the basics of sign language and safety practices.
Scuba diving is even more enjoyable as you master breathing techniques that help you relax and have fun.
Once you've had an opportunity to review our brief overview, after which, we'll begin on our fantastic adventure. Marmaris is home to a range of amazing underwater attractions to explore and other diving spots for experienced divers. There are numerous wrecks and reefs that skilled divers might want to explore.
The certifications of the diver define the depth at which they dive. There are usually more advanced levels of diving that are available to those who have the right training, based on their qualifications. In the Marmaris Diving Tour, amateurs can dive as low as 6 meters.

It is possible to watch and swim with unique and colorful species native in this region of the Mediterranean Sea or lie in the sun and take in the beautiful landscape. After your first twenty minutes (check the dive) or bath, you are free to lay back and relax. A light lunch is served on board before our departure for a 20-minute underwater adventure (you cannot take a large meal as you'll be diving again afterward).
Bring your non-diving family members and your friends to spend the day with you. You can relax on the deckchairs, sunbathe or swim and snorkel while diving. When the Marmaris Diving Tour is over, Our driver will meet your return at the Marmaris marina.
Children who are younger than 12 cannot dive.
Here's a list of all the things you'll need to bring for your excursion: sunscreen, towels, a swimsuit, sunglasses, sunhat, and a towel.
The boat is available to divers and non-divers alike, who can spend their time at sea.

  • Tour Program
  • The Marmaris Diving Trip starts at 9:15 a.m. Our driver will take you from your hotel and take you to the harbor in Marmaris. Our experienced driving instructors will provide you with brief yet essential information regarding the planned excursion and some basic information on diving after you've embarked.

    The first dive of the morning is followed by an opportunity to put the lessons you've learned into action. You'll be capable of diving in groups of 5-6 persons with the assistance of our experienced diving team. The first dive will take about 20 minutes. It will help get you more familiar with your gear and comprehend your surroundings and water abilities.

    Following our first dive, we'll eat light and tasty lunch since you have to keep the energy up after your lunch on the second dive.

  • Marmaris Diving Tour
  • 2nd Stop, Once we have found the appropriate diving spot, We'll stop for a break. In the second Stop, you'll be able to go deeper than before. However, novices will be limited to 6 meters of depth. Certificate holders can dive to their level following this training. This is an exclusive experience that isn't available elsewhere. Our most important factor is your security. You'll be able to rest assured knowing that the skilled divers will be with you every moment of the day.

    As you've completed just one dive, you'll have the chance to explore caverns under the sea, colorful seafloors, cave diving as well as feed bizarre fish that are seen during diving. The second dive is also expected to be 20 minutes long.

    Return to Marmaris Arrive in the Marmaris port at around 5 p.m. Then you'll be transferred from your hotel back free of charge. Transfers to and from your hotel are included in the price.

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