Marmaris Turkish Bath




While you're in Turkey, Do not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a truly Turkish experience in the Marmaris Turkish Bath. A visit to the Marmaris Turkish Bath can be a must when you're in Marmaris, and you want the most authentic Turkish experience that you can. A day off from your hectic schedule and hectic schedule might be just what you're looking for.

First, head to the sauna lined with marble and equipped with benches for your initial sauna session throughout the day. The sauna room must be hot and humid to allow your pores to open and wash pores after the exfoliating scrub Experts give you a relaxing aromatherapy oil massage. Also, you will receive a soft foam massage and an aromatherapy oil massage that is calming and relaxing by a trained professional. The therapeutic hot tubs of Turkey have massages for females and males that help you feel more relaxed throughout the treatment. It is possible to relax in a tranquil space after the therapy has been completed.

The cost of a Turkish bath for children younger than 7 years of age is no cost, while those between 7 and 12 pay at a reduced rate. It is important to note that oil massage is not available to children younger than 12 years old as their muscle tissue and bone structure are not standard. You can experience the genuine Marmaris Turkish Bath experience by taking a test.
After our Marmaris Turkish Bath, our driver will collect you and return you to the hotel.

  • If you're wearing your panties or your boxers for the hammam ritual, be sure to bring an extra set of underclothes. If you're wearing briefs or boxers during the hammam ritual, be sure to have spares available in case you're soaked.
  • If you suffer from sensitive skin or have an allergy to one soap available, Bring your own.
  • People with asthma or heart problems must stay clear of this sport. It's not a good choice for pregnant women.
  • If you walk, put on slippers when walking. Should you not, you could easily slip onto the wet and steamy marble flooring.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot be subjected to the heat of a hot stone or deep massages in the tissue.
  • Highlight

    • Marmaris Turkish bath
    • Our Marmaris is an original Turkish bath that offers a range of amenities. The Marmaris tour is an Any Time Tour since you can choose the time that works the best for you. Our driver will wait for you at the front of your hotel when you choose during the tour. After a brief drive and you'll be at the Location of Start.
      Change Rooms, Locker Rentals, and Safe Boxes Individual lockers and safe boxes, along with spacious changing rooms, are all offered to protect your privacy and ensure your safety. These services are available for free.

    • Sauna
    • The sauna is the first treatment we offer, allowing you to sweat for a few minutes before starting the treatment.

    • The Scrub Massage
    • It is a well-known massage technique in Turkish Hammams. Professionals who are trained and wearing silk gloves use a gentle scrub motion to get rid of the dead epithelial and dirt off your skin. The treatment can also be soothing because it increases blood flow.

    • Foam Massage
    • A relaxing treatment that a Turkish Hammam can provide is a foam massage. The treatment begins with full-body foaming and then washing. Then, you'll receive a gentle head-to-toe massage. This approach aims to give physical as well as spiritual comfort to you.

    • Oil Massage
    • The complete experience of the hammam requires cold and hot treatments. Our skilled masseuses offer this treatment, and it comes with numerous benefits, including the relief of muscle pain relief, improved circulation of blood, and much more. Our professionals use specific essential oil to clean and revitalize your skin in this soothing massage that can last for around 15 minutes.

    • Return to your Hotel
    • Our driver will take you back to your hotel upon completion of your excursion. This Turkish Bath excursion will take about two hours. The tour cost includes the transportation from your hotel to the location and return.

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